Friday, October 5, 2007

Finally on our way!!

Fall Break has finally arrived...and I can think of no better way to pass the time in the airport than to update my new blog. =) I finally finished packing last night around 12 am after taking multiple hours to weed though my luggage in order to make my bag less than 30 pounds. That was no easy task. haha As we sit in the Craven Regional Airport, you can feel the energy in the air. The anticipation of finally being en route to Panama after weeks of meetings and prepping equipment has finally come to an end. One of the best pre-panama memories I have is from when the group came together one night to make 23 crab wheels. One of the experiments we are conducting is analyzing the circadian rhythms of ghost crabs. In order to do this, a contraption needed to be made that was both effective at recording crab movements and compact-able for transport. The solution: use tortilla warmers. Confused? You know those containers at Mexican restaurants that hold your warmed, soft tortillas? Ya, that's what I am talking about! Cool huh. Well we spent about 3 hours putting these tortilla-crab wheels together using PVC piping, washers, magnets, and electronic sensors (I will include a picture once we get them setup). It was a night of fun, a little frustration, and hard-core pre-trip bonding. =) But I must leave you, dear blog, for the latest issue of "InStyle" is calling my name. Catch you on the flip side!!!

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